The topic of a recent blog post was the impact that some criminal charges can have on your financial aid for college. Drug charges are particularly troublesome for financial aid. If you are facing drug possession charges, you need to think carefully about your defense options and how each can impact your case. This might help you minimize the impacts of the case.

There are a few different options that are fairly common, but you have to look at the circumstances of your case to determine if they are appropriate. A skilled defense attorney will look at each possibility and let you know the feasibility of them and then work to put together a comprehensive strategy.

One possible strategy that might be employed is to claim that drugs were planted by someone else. This is a possibility that isn’t used very often because people tend to believe the testimony of the law enforcement officer. If you can show they were planted or have enough evidence to call the situation into question in a juror’s mind, you might be able to use this option.

Another possibility is that you might be able to claim that the drugs were actually someone else’s drugs. This might be because there were multiple people in the room when they were found and you just happened to be the person who was the closest to them when police arrived.

You might also be able to call the analysis or handling of the drugs into question. The prosecutor should be able to produce the drugs in court. If he or she can’t, this might be a point to consider in your defense.

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