When people think of Drug Crimes, one of the last crimes people think of is Theft of Services. drug possession However, Theft of Services is a crime very closely associated with Drug Crimes. Before we explore how and why that is the case, it is helpful to review what the government must prove in order for a defendant to be found guilty of this crime. A person is guilty of the crime of Theft of Services if the accused intentionally obtains services for himself or for another which he knows are only available for compensation. Second, that the services were obtained by the defendant either by deception or threat. And finally, that the deception occurred as a result of either altering or tampering with the public utility meter or measuring device by which such services are delivered so that the public utility would not have knowledge of how much power is being used.

Theft of Services can be considered as types of Drug Crimes especially in cases dealing with marijuana grow houses. probable cause This is true when the defendant alters the public utility in order to mask how much power is being used by the powerful lights being used to cultivate and grow the marijuana. Specifically, grow houses can exist so long as no one is wise to the amount of energy being used to grow the marijuana. The public utilities can be used to tip off law enforcement. Therefore defendants using homes to grow marijuana frequently commit theft of services in order to mask their growing operation from the utility companies and law enforcement. Crimes such as Theft of Services can be found in title 18 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code in section 3926. Make sure to contact an experienced Drug Crimes attorney if you have been charged with or are being investigated for the crime of Theft of Services.