We recently discussed how vandalism can quickly turn an innocent senior prank into a criminal act. There are a host of situations in which a person might cite property damage as part of a criminal case. In all of these, it is imperative that you take the time necessary to review the options that you have for handling the matter in court.

It is possible that you might be offered a plea deal. If this is the case, you need to make sure that you are thinking about all of the terms of the deal before you agree. More than likely, you will have to pay the property owner for the damage caused. Even if there is nothing more than a clean-up fee, this will likely be part of the cost that you will incur.

There are some cases in which the defendant stands firm in the fact that he or she is innocent. If this is where you are, you need to be prepared for a trial. During the trial, the prosecution must prove that you did the crime. The defense doesn’t have to prove that you were innocent. Instead, it needs to bring doubt into each juror’s mind so he or she can’t convict you beyond a reasonable doubt.

You must start on your defense as soon as possible to ensure that you aren’t trying to rush through things. We need to take the entire case and all of the facts into account. We need to look at how the jury might perceive each point in our case. All of this can help us come up with a comprehensive defense.