Fentanyl is one of the scariest drugs on the streets right now because it is the cause of so many fatalities. It is so deadly that paramedics and police officers often wear gloves to avoid coming into contact with the substance. It is 40 to 50 times stronger than another drug that is deadly, heroin.

In recent news, there were 25 people arrested in connection with a fentanyl trafficking operation. The investigation took two years and included multiple organizations. The district attorney for Montgomery County said that these individuals were “dealing in death” in this operation. It is noted that the trafficking operation was headed by five men.

It was broken up when police used a combination of surveillance and wiretaps to intercept a shipment. A hidden compartment in a Honda Odyssey contained almost 6,600 doses of the drug, which totaled 198.6 grams.

In an unrelated case, a 21-year-old man was arrested on a slew of charges stemming from dealing fentanyl. He is facing involuntary manslaughter, recklessly endangering another person, drug delivery involving death and delivery of a controlled substances charges after a 23-year-old man was found unresponsive. The autopsy found drug intoxication to be the cause of the death.

The presence of fentanyl in this state is something that law enforcement officers and prosecutors are taking very seriously. Defendants in cases involving these drugs can expect a rough road due to the severity of the risks associated with the substance. If you are accused of any drug crime, be sure to review the options for your defense so you can make a choice regarding your next steps.