Defendants in cases surrounding violent crime have to take the time to carefully plan their defense strategy. It is easy to become focused on showing that you didn’t commit the crime at hand in any way possible. It is much more difficult to do this in a way that doesn’t make it seem as though you are attacking the alleged victim in the case.

We realize that you might not have any idea how to present your side of the story without trying to make it seem like the victim is lying or making that person look bad. This can be a challenge, but there might be ways that we can do this for you. We have to look at the way we are presenting the case from the eyes of the jurors. Perception is everything in a jury trial.

One thing to consider is whether the alleged victim is going to testify in court or not. This point alone can be very powerful and can be a turning point in the case. If the victim is going to testify, we need to determine how to handle this. Using harsh tactics to cross-examine them might work against you, but not cross-examining at all can also harm your case.

One point that is true in all violent crime cases is that the defendant has to be the one to make the decisions. We are here to help you in your case, but you have to take the lead role since your life’s fate is the one that is being decided in the criminal case.