One of the few defenses to Violent Crimes brought in Kennett Square is Self Defense. Kennett Square Criminal Defense Attorney Under Pennsylvania law the general principle of self-defense is that the use of force towards another is justifiable if the person being attacked believes that such force is immediately necessary for the purpose of protecting themselves against the use of force being brought by another people. In order to handle situations where self – defense comes about, all states developed rules to determine when an individual can use self – defense and how much force can be used to protect ones self. Self – defense justifies that use of force when it is in response to an immediate threat of physical harm, but once that threat has ended the use of force is no longer justified. It is important to think about self-defense from the standard of a reasonable person. Specifically, asking if a “reasonable person” in the same situation would view what an attacker was doing as an immediate threat of physical harm. This is the legal systems best way to determine if the person’s perception of danger justified the use of force.

Self-defense is an absolute defense against Violent Crimes charges in Kennett Square Pennsylvania. A Kennett Square criminal defense attorney must evaluate all circumstances and determine if the self – defense was justified in the criminal case. learn more about homicide Whether it is for simple assault, aggravated assault, or even a murder or homicide, self-defense must be evaluated before moving forward with a legal defense. Contact an experienced Kennett Square criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte if you or someone you know had to use self – defense. Also feel free to contact us in order to learn more about your right to defend yourself in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.