People who are facing poverty will often turn to any method possible for making money. Some might turn to selling drugs. The problem here is that this is an illegal activity that can lead to legal troubles; however, some people think this is worth the risk if it means they can eat and have a place to live.

Many people don’t realize that many people who are selling drugs aren’t making kingpin-type money. Instead, they might be scraping by and just trying to make ends meet. They don’t have millions in savings that they can lean on when times get tough. They might depend on each sale to buy food.

We know that life’s circumstances sometimes lead to people doing things they wouldn’t do otherwise. If you are facing drug charges because you are facing hunger and homelessness or because of an addiction, you might need more help than just having to deal with criminal penalties. We can’t promise you the outcome of your case; however, we can work with you on finding possible solutions for your defense.

Drug charges aren’t easy to stand up against. The penalties are serious. In some cases, people might qualify for drug court; however, this comes with specific challenges. You have to stay out of trouble and can’t test positive for drugs for the duration of the program. Still, this might be a good option if you are ready to start your life anew without having drugs as a component.

We can help you find out what options you have for your case. You need to determine how different choices might affect you, so you can decide what to do.