Drug court in Montgomery County provide substance abuse treatment, education for individuals charged with Drug Crimes in Montgomery County. Drug Court also provides other services for the defendant under supervision of the criminal justice system. heroin crimes Montgomery County Drug Court uses methods that help empower participants in the drug treatment court to overcome addictions and other barriers that interfere with their behavior and life choices. Their mission is to enhance the safety of the community. While the participant in the Drug Court is receiving treatment, they are also supervised by a judge, District Attorney, Public Defender, support systems, and a probation officer to help them achieve their goal. The program is also a way to promote community safety because it reduces the recidivism rates among the offenders and it offers Drug addicts hope through working with a twelve step program for recovery.

The Montgomery County Drug Court program for individuals charged with Drug Crimes began in April of 2006 as an alternative to the original methods of court for those offenders who struggle with substance abuse disorders. medical marijuana Community supervision, known as Restrictive Intermediate Punishment, was merged with the drug court in April of 2010 and resulted in an increase in successful completion of the program and further decrease in recidivism. The Drug Court program assesses, identifies, and provides both twelve step treatment and supervision for those with substance abuse issues that are linked to their criminal behavior. Charges can be such things as drug possession drug delivery, theft, and other charges that are related to drug use. If you believe you qualify for drug court in Montgomery County contact an experienced attorney who can help you in the process and answer any question you may have. Contact the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte for a free consultation today.