One of the main days that the police charge people for the crime of DUI in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Labor Day. Defending DUI The reason for this is the state police and other law enforcement agencies frequently establish DUI check points established for the sole purpose of arresting people for Driving Under the Influence. There are several legal rules that exist when it comes to DUI checkpoints. Specifically, the police are required to publish the dates and locations of DUI checkpoints. If the police do not do this, then the evidence obtained by the police from a defendant may be suppressed or kept out of court. Second, the police may stop an individual who sees the DUI check point and then changes the direction of his vehicle so that he can avoid the check point. Finally, at a DUI checkpoint, the police may only ask a driver to submit to sobriety tests if the possess reasonable suspicion that the drive was driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Make sure to contact the DUI lawyers of Kelly & Conte if you were stopped and charged with DUI at a check point.

The police are also more likely to stop people on roadways and charge them with the crime of DUI on holidays such as Labor Day. SHould I apply for ARD The reason for this is the police are concerned with protecting the safety of motorists in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in particularly on one of the busiest travel days of the year. Accordingly, the police are frequently on the look out for traffic violations frequently committed by people driving under the influence. Some examples of these types of traffic violations are swerving within the lane of travel, crossing the fog line and/or the yellow lines on a roadway. Make sure to contact and consult with an aggressive DUI lawyer if you have been charged with this crime on a holiday such as Labor Day. You may only be convicted of this crime if the police had either reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop your vehicle.