In Pennsylvania, sex offenders are defined as individuals who has been charged and convicted of Sex Crimes or a sexually related crime.  Rape These crimes include rape, sexual assault, and also aggravated indecent assault or indecent assault. With Megan’s Law it is required that the state have an updated sex offender registry that is open to the public. This protects individuals from being assaulted by any know sexual offender. Megan’s Law was created due to a case where a young lady, Megan Kanka, was murdered by her neighbor who was a two – time convicted sex offender. For all individuals who are convicted of a sex crime is now required to register on the sex offender list in Pennsylvania depending on their offense. If an individual is a tier one offense, they are required to be registered for 15 years. For tier two offence the individual is required for 25 years to be registered and then will be registered for life on a tier three offense. For most juveniles who are convicted of a sex crime are not required to register under Pennsylvania law. During the time of their registration, all convicted sex offenders are required to report any change in address, contact information, school enrollment status, and any other factor that will put them in contact with new individuals.

Sex Offenders and individuals on Megan’s Law who were convicted of Sex Crimes should have qualified legal representation. If you or someone you know are being charged with sex crimes that will land you on the sex offender list it is important to talk to an experienced defense attorney. Internet sex crimes It is extremely important to understand your rights, the possible consequences, and how to properly handle the case. At the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte we have handled a number of cases dealing with sex crimes and will guide you to reduce your risk of ending up on the sex offender list in Pennsylvania. Contact our offices to set up a free consultation.