College Crimes such as alcohol related crimes has become prevalent on college campuses across the world, as it is known to be a tradition in many social settings. Alcohol consumption can occur at local bars, off campus housing, on campus dormitories, local college parties, and etc. Alcohol has become a choice of drug for students of all ages, races, and genders, causing people of all backgrounds to possibly experience a negative effect of drinking. Students under the influence of alcohol can then create problems for themselves, their families, and their community. Effects of alcohol drinking can be costly, destructive and troublesome to those drinking, as well as non-drinkers, as they can become victims of certain behaviors. Common problems on college campuses preceding alcohol consumption include alcohol related crimes. These crimes can include, property damage, sexual and physical assault accusations, motor vehicle crashes, under-aged drinking, driving under the influence, and public drunkenness. Title 18 states these crimes and offenses in depth, which fall under specific chapters. The following sections provide details on the charges; Section 3304: vandalism, Section 2701 and 2702: assault, Section 3124.1: sexual assault, Section 3732.1: aggravated assault by vehicle, Section 6308 under-aged drinking, Section 3802: driving under the influence, Section 5505: public drunkenness. These charges can affect a student’s education, but most importantly their future from legal charges. As a result of criminal charges, students should consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer before making any decisions, including plea deals.

If charged with related College Crimes and/or alcohol related crimes, students can be expelled from their university, along with receiving increased fines and court costs. Some Pennsylvania universities comply with federal and state laws, which can bring consequences from both the local laws and the universities code of conduct. These charges may result in a conviction, without the proper legal representation, later leading to a criminal record. When confronted with such charges, it is crucial for students to understand what to expect from their university and law enforcement agencies. To find out more information regarding legal actions, contact the lawyers at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte to set up a free consultation today.