Chester County provides a drug court program for non-violent drug dependent offenders charged with Drug Crimes, which provides treatment and judicial authority intended to support offenders in treatment. heroin This program consists of four phases lasting from the minimum of 12 months to 24 months. Drug court is run by the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and the Office of Drugs and Alcohol Services, bail agency, and adult probation. All of these different agencies are involved in supervising and implementing rules for criminal defendants who are placed on the program with the goal of rehabilitating the accused from his or her dependency on drugs and alcohol. If you have received a non-mandatory drug offense, or are a first time DUI/drug offender, contact the lawyers at the Law Office of Kelly and Conte for good legal representation regarding an alternative to a conviction.

In order to be considered for Chester County Drug Court for your Drug Crimes charges, you must be eligible for admission. drug paraphernalia The listed offenders must not currently be on probation or have a prior history of violent offenses. Offenders are required to waive their right to a preliminary hearing, and must be a legal resident in the United States. Offenders are also required to complete a drug and alcohol assessment, and a Drug Court and ARD (if applicable) application. If accepted, offenders who complete all sanctions and maintain sobriety will have their charges dropped and criminal record expunged. The sanctions required for completion of Drug Court will begin upon receiving a probation officer who will provide intense supervision. This supervision will include and ensure that offenders complete the following: assigned treatment programs, weekly screenings for drugs and alcohol, paid costs and fines, active employment, and appearances before the court. If you are someone who has received their first offense and would like to proceed with a clean record, contact a lawyer at the Law Office of Kelly and Conte for assistance in possible entry.