The various Sex Crimes that you can be charged with in Pennsylvania and their definitions can be found in Chapter 31 with the use of words such as “complainant“, “deviate sexual intercourse“, “serious bodily injury“, “indecent contact“, and “forcible compulsion“. These definitions are listed in 3101 under subchapter A, while subchapter B gives definitions to the specific acts of crime. Chapter 31, subchapter B lists common sexual offense charges brought upon people. The most common offenses include Section 3121: rape, Section 3123: involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, Section 3124.2: institutional sexual assault, Section 3125: aggravated indecent assault, and Section 3127:indecent exposure. Other sexual offenses that are not listed, may be found under Chapter 31 in Title 18 Crimes and Offenses. If accused of any sexual offenses, it is important to contact a lawyer for further assistance prior to making any decisions that could alter one’s life.

Some of the above sex crimes and their definitions are supplied below, however contacting a lawyer for felony crimes are very important to ensure proper guidance in decision making. Rape can be defined as a felony of the first degree when one engages in sexual intercourse by forcible compulsion or when the complainant is unaware of the intercourse occurring. Involuntary deviate sexual intercourse is defined similarly to rape but also including intercourse with a person suffering a mental illness, or under the age of 16. Institutional sexual assault is committed by persons employed in a licensed residential facility serving children and youth such as schools, correctional facilities, mental health facilities, and youth detention centers having intercourse with minors located in these facilities. Indecent exposure is the act of exposing oneself by showing their genitals in public places where other people are able to be offended or alarmed. These are a few common crimes listed, however these are not limited to all other sexual offenses. Please be sure to contact a lawyer at the Law Office of Kelly and Conte, in addition to learning more about the specific charges, in order to be properly represented in these felony cases.