A number of relationship gurus, psychologists and divorce attorneys point to certain personality traits that make some people more susceptible to divorce. A Pennsylvania spouse might want to be aware of these traits, which include materialism, a fragile ego, selfishness, narcissism and catastrophizing. The results of studies have indicated that in a marriage where one or both spouses are prone to materialism, wanting more or buying more, the marriage has a higher chance of ending.

If one of the partners has a fragile ego, the insecurity could lead to marriage problems down the line. The insecure partner might seek external means to resolve his or her insecurities, which sometimes leads to emotional or other infidelity. This is one way in which having a fragile ego can endanger a marriage.

Selfishness is also dangerous to long-term relationships because it can make the other partner feel bullied or useless. When selfishness causes hurt or harm to another person, the relationship suffers. A similar trait, Narcissism, can lead to divorce as well. Narcissistic people can have difficulty seeing how relationship roles exist and balance, so they can drain the relationship of energy.

Another trait that might lead to a couple splitting up is the tendency to catastrophize. Catastrophizing means blowing things out of proportion or overestimating the importance of small or trivial things.

For a Pennsylvania spouse who is approaching or going through divorce, an attorney might be able to help. An attorney with experience handling divorce and child custody cases might examine the facts of the situation and develop a strategy.