One of the most frequent criminal charges brought by the police in criminal defense cases is the charge of disorderly conduct. Disorderly Conduct is a crime that is frequently sought out by experienced criminal defense attorney’s as a way to reduce a client’s charges. child endangerment Receiving a criminal charge can possibly result in jail, extreme costs and fines, and a criminal record, which can cause problems in your future. However, in some cases defendants are fortunate enough to receive lesser charges in exchange for a summary offense of disorderly conduct. Some criminal charges that may be eligible for negotiation include criminal mischief, harassment in the summary degree, and possession of marijuana. Charges such as possession of marijuana and most types of theft crimes are graded as misdemeanors, and depending on the extent of the crime and lack of criminal history, one may have a great chance of negotiation. In order to receive the proper guidance in court with regards to negotiating, it is imperative that you contact an experienced lawyer. Experienced lawyers here at the Law Office of Kelly and Conte, can walk you through the legal process and assist with any questions and concerns.

Some information regarding Criminal Defense cases and your chance to reduce your criminal charge to a disorderly conduct can be found in title 18 which is titled crimes and. Here at Kelly and Conte, we are able to work with the prosecution to better assist you and protect your future. bench warrant For example, a case of criminal mischief (statute 3304) with damaging property can result in a misdemeanor conviction depending on the amount of damage. However, an experienced lawyer will use their skills to get these types of cases withdrawn and reduced to a summary offense of disorderly conduct. A conviction for Disorderly conduct can still remain on your criminal record for 5 years before it can be expunged. To learn more about reducing more severe charges to disorderly conduct, please contact one of the lawyers here at the Law Office of Kelly and Conte.