Drug Crimes such as the possession of marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania continues to remain illegal today, under the Pennsylvania statute Title 35 section 780-113. There are separate and different penalties for the act of possessing and distributing marijuana. student drug charges In Pennsylvania, the offenses of marijuana are labeled as the possession with presumption of personal use, simple possession of marijuana, and possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver or distribute. When involving the possession of marijuana, the penalties are guided by the amount of marijuana possessed at the time of police interaction. Small amounts of marijuana are counted as misdemeanors, however can still result in fines and/or legal punishment. For example, a charge of under 30 grams can result in up to 30 days in prison and/or a fine of $500.00. While a charge over 30 grams can result in up to 1 year in prison and/or a fine of $1,000.00, while still being considered a misdemeanor. Consecutive charges of possession can result in increased jail time and larger fines. Consult with an experienced Chester County Marijuana lawyer if you are being investigation for either possessing or dealing marijuana.

Drug Crimes such as the possession of marijuana in PA can have serious ramifications on not only your criminal record, but also your driver’s license. Chester County Drug Court It is important to understand the severity of such charges, although they are considered misdemeanors, and plan to seek out a lawyer. Misdemeanors may carry fewer punishment’s, however they have the ability to stay on your record causing problems for your future. As a result of any of the related charges, it is in your best interest to seek advice from an experienced lawyer to learn more about how these laws can impact your life. Please contact a lawyer at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte for information on retaining a lawyer who can provide a defense strategy that will get you the best outcome.