In Immigration cases certain crimes and convictions committed by a non-US citizen can result in deportation in addition to long periods of incarceration and probation or parole. citizenship Immigration lawyers are responsible for representing those facing criminal charges, which may result in deportation. Immigration lawyers have the ability to defend ones case and prevent them from being deported. They may also provide legal advice regarding things such as how to obtain a visa. However, criminal lawyers like those at the Law Office of Kelly and Conte represent “criminal cases” of those with and without legal documentation in the United States. Criminal charges that can lead to deportation include crimes such as aggravated felonies, drug and gun related crimes, and crimes of domestic violence. Here at Kelly and Conte, several of our clients have retained us for such crimes. Title 18 defines these particular crimes and list definitions of each. Our website also lists small descriptions of related crimes under the “categories” section.

Immigration crimes committed by non-U.S. citizens can have very serious consequences on the accused. moral turpitude In some instances, deportation can become a consequence for these crimes when they are committed to a certain extent. Drug-related crimes can involve the conviction of selling, distributing, and possessing illegal drugs. Gun related crimes for non-US citizens include buying, selling, owning, or carrying a firearm after entry to the US. Domestic violence includes any crime or act of violence committed against someone you currently or formerly lived with. These criminal matters are serious and worrisome, but can be extremely worrisome for those who are caught without legal documentation to be present in the U.S. Those charged with any of these crimes should reach out to lawyers at the Law Office of Kelly and Conte, to learn how you can be properly represented.