One of the last questions a defendant wants to ask when being investigated for committing various violent crimes is What should I do if I am under investigation for murder? assault crimes Homicide which is one of the most serious types of Violent Crimes that an accused can face, is defined as the killing of another human being. Murder (with different degrees) and manslaughter are types of homicide that an accused can face. First degree murder is done with the intent and premeditated decisions to kill another person. Second degree murder involves a murder that occurs when a death occurs following other violent felony crimes, such as robbery, kidnapping, rape, burglary or arson. Specifically, the accused and another person agree to commit a robbery and during the robbery the victim dies. This is an example of second-degree murder. Third degree murder is defined in Pennsylvania as the killing of another with malice. Meaning that the defendant did not intend to kill the victim, like under first degree murder, but acted with malice in his heart.

Other forms of Violent Crimes such as homicide which can cause a suspect to ask What should I do if I am under investigation for Murder? include manslaughter. Manslaughter includes both voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. first-degree murder Involuntary manslaughter, also known as “criminally negligent homicide” refers to an unintentional killing of a person. However, the result of one’s recklessness or criminal negligence caused the death of another. An example of this kind of behavior is a death caused by a DUI. Voluntary manslaughter differs as the intent to kill is present, however that intent formed in the heat of the moment with no prior intentions planned. ‘Homicide is one of the most serious crimes a person can be charged with. As a result, finding an experienced top notch lawyer is an extreme priority. The Law Offices of Kelly and Conte can represent and protect you by using proper investigative skills, guiding you with legal advice in terms of your rights, and providing a case on your behalf. If you are charged with one of the above crimes, it is best for you to contact a lawyer and allow us to protect you with a valid case.