While almost all theft crimes deal with an allegation of a theft or burglary, there are crimes like Insurance Fraud which are somewhat different than generic theft crimes. access device fraud Insurance fraud is different than typical theft cases because the victim in insurance fraud cases is an insurance company. The victims in generic theft crime cases are typically individuals or businesses. Accordingly, insurance fraud cases are almost always prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office when the fraud is alleged to have occurred in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Although there are many different types of fraud, insurance fraud deals with fraud committed to an insurance company. Common types of insurance fraud include automobile accidents, arson to a business or home, health care, and worker’s compensation. These crimes are committed with the intent to collect money from an insurance company by falsifying events or incidents regarding an accident or damage. Some falsified incidents include one who exaggerated estimates of damage, underreported information, or creates false claims.

When charged with theft crimes such as insurance fraud, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the following criminal elements are present. First, that the accused knowingly making a false statement typically to an insurance company. juvenile crimes Second, that this false statement was made in connection to an insurance claim regarding payments which are to be made to him by the insurance company. And finally, that this statement is used in terms of the insurance company’s report. Internally, insurance companies categorize their penalties into either soft fraud or hard fraud. Soft fraud is the act of exaggerating and overstating damages, while hard fraud is faking an entire event or loss for the desire of retrieving money. These crimes are generally graded under the crimes code as either felonies or misdemeanors. The crime is a felony if the alleged theft is over $2,000. Contact the experienced Insurance Fraud lawyers at the Law Offices of Kelly & Conte today.