One of the most serious Violent Crimes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Third degree murder.  firearm charges The criminal elements that the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction for the murder in the Third degree can be found in Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code under Section 2502. Under section 2502, Third degree murder is somewhat of an odd statute because it is generally defined as what it is not. It is defined as Murder that is committed by a criminal defendant without premeditation and without the intent to kill. A killing done intentionally is First degree Murder which is punishable by life in prison. It is also defined as a murder that is not done while the defendant was committing another violent felony, such as a robbery. This would be Murder in the Second degree which is also punishable by life in prison. Instead Third degree murder is defined as a killing committed by the defendant with malice. Malice is generally defined as with wickedness of heart and requires that the government prove that the defendant did not intend to kill the victim, but was fairly certain that death could occur as a result of his actions.

Violent Crimes such as Third degree Murder can have extremely dire consequences. It is graded as a felony of the first degree. defense of property And therefore punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 20 years in state prison. Killing someone without premeditation or without intention is third degree murder, so long as it was not done while committing a felony (second degree murder). Despite its seriousness there are several defenses to this crime. First that the defendant is not the one responsible for the killing. Second, that the killing was not committed with malice. Or finally that the killing was done in self-defense. Make sure to contact the Murder lawyers at the Law Offices of Kelly & Conte if you have been charged or are being investigated for this crime