Juvenile crimes are crimes committed by an individual who is under the age of 18. Sometimes juveniles who are close to the age of being adult, such as an individual who is 16 or 17, can be tried for the crime as adult. juvenile sex offenses However, that is typically reserved for more serious offenses such as murder and is up to the prosecutor and the judge and can vary from district to district and state to state. When a juvenile commits a crime, they can be arrested just like adults. The difference is the which court system will deal with the crime that was committed. Juveniles go through the juvenile court system. This court system is unlike the adult court system in a lot of ways. The juvenile court system deploys a method of restorative justice. Restorative justice is a philosophy that uses a system of criminal justice which focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large. The juveniles are made to look at the effect of their actions on the victim.

Another difference between the juvenile court system and the adult system in Juvenile crimes cases is that the juvenile court system will usually look for alternative punishments to incarceration. Incarceration in a juvenile detention center is a last resort type of punishment. firearm cases Instead of incarceration the courts can place the juvenile on probation and monitor their actions accordingly. Community service can also be utilized as a form of reconciliation for their actions. In addition, the juvenile has the option of a whole host of different types of services to help with any problems they might be having. These services may include therapy, anger management classes, emotional support classes. In some cases, the child can be given a social worker who will monitor them as well as what their living conditions are like. If the living conditions at home are not that good, the case can be handled by child protective services. Essentially the juvenile criminal justice system is way more focused on rehabilitation than the adult criminal justice system.