Individuals who are currently age 25 or younger are more likely to be taken into custody compared to older individuals. Furthermore, the likelihood of a woman or white person being taken into custody is also greater now than in the past. This is according to research conducted by the RAND Corporation. The research found that Pennsylvania residents in the youngest age range had lower incomes, worked fewer hours and were less likely to be married.

It suggested that these were all factors as to why they were being taken into custody at higher rates. Researchers also said that increased enforcement of the law could also be a reason why this is taking place. The study took a look at 35,000 individuals from 5,000 families, and it was deemed representative of most of America with the exception of career criminals.

When broken down by demographic, it was found that white men were more likely to be taken into custody today compared to before the study period. However, black men were still more likely than white men to be charged with a crime during their youth. Among men, those who had a college education were more likely to avoid going to jail compared to someone who did not even have a high school diploma.

Individuals who are charged with a crime are generally entitled to have a criminal defense attorney help with their case. An attorney may be appointed to those who cannot afford to pay for one on their own. A defendant’s legal counsel may work to get a case thrown out prior to trial by disputing evidence or having it suppressed. Defense tactics such as disputing witness or police testimony may also result in a plea deal or other favorable outcome in a given criminal matter.