As mentioned in previous posts about Criminal Defense, the right to the use force for the protection of property or to stop a threat in self-protection is an American principle that makes the United States a unique country. Violent Crimes In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania not only are you allowed to use force in self-defense or for the protection of another, you are also allowed to use force for the protection of your property. The use of force for the protection of property is written in section 507 in the Pa criminal code. It is very similar to the pervious mentioned statutes in that it lays out when and when an individual can use force in order to protect property. The first provision states that an individual can use force to protect their property to prevent the unlawful entry into their property. Essentially if someone breaks into your house with the intention of stealing your property or committing another felony, you can use force to stop that threat.

Under the second criminal defense provision the use of force for the protection of property concerns the use of force to stop the entry or reentry on land or to stop and individual from retaking tangible movable property. choosing a criminal defense lawyer It is important to note that this provision goes on to specify that the use of force must be immediate or in pursuit of the individual who has stolen the property. Similarly, to the other statutes that involve the use of force, there are limitations to the use of force. Under this section the individual must essentially make a request that the person stop doing what they are doing first before using force. However, an individual does not need to make request unless making the request would put that individual under immediate danger. Due to the fact that there are many circumstances in which the use of force to protect property would be deemed unnecessary, it is important to seek legal representation if you are in a situation where the use of force used was deemed unnecessary. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Kelly and Conte are experienced attorneys who will fight to get the best resolution to your case.