Insurance fraud is a type of theft criminal offense that is perpetrated by an individual who has the intent to defraud another person, whether it be an agency, insurer, or self-insured individual. The statute for insurance fraud is written under section 4117 of the Pa criminal code. access device fraud The key component of the statute is that the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual knowingly tried to defraud anyone. Under this statute there are a number of different ways an individual can attempt to defraud certain agencies. Certainly, the first thing that comes someone’s mind when they hear insurance fraud is the depictions of it in mafia movies where the mobster blows up their restaurant and collects the insurance money. That is definitely a type of insurance fraud but there are many other listed acts that are far less exciting than the previously mentioned example. For instance, making false claims on any report that is going to an agency. Let’s say an individual’s house is burglarized and for insurance purposes they are asked to come up with a list of every item that was taken from their house. If they report anything that was not actually taken, they can be charged with insurance fraud.

Interestingly, in theft crimes, this Insurance Fraud statute also covers the act of operating as an insurance agent without the proper licensing. unauthorized use of a vehicle This statute also any act perpetrated by individuals who work inside insurance agencies who let the fraud take place or conspired to commit insurance fraud. In addition to the previously mentioned acts, this statute also makes it a criminal act for doctors or lawyers to receive kickbacks for recommending a client to another doctor or lawyer. Due to the varying natures of the acts, insurance fraud can range from a misdemeanor of the first-degree (kickbacks from doctors or lawyers) to a felony of the third degree (conspiracy to commit insurance fraud). Because of the severity of the penalties imposed if found guilty of insurance fraud, it is important to seek legal representation. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Kelly and Conte are experienced attorneys who will fight to have the best outcome given the facts of your particular case.