One of the more recent acts that helps victims of abuse in violent crimes receive relief from their abuser is the act know as a Protection From Abuse PFA. Domestic Violence charges A PFA is similar to a restraining order. The difference is that a PFA is typically used in emergency situations and serves as a temporary measure to seek relief from a person in which they have a domestic relationship with. A domestic relationship can be husband and wife, parent and child, brother and sister, etc. In cases where the victim and abuser do not have a domestic relationship, a restraining order is required. The PFA is designed to give victims another avenue to help them escape from their abusers. However, it is only a temporary act and the maximum amount of time to have a PFA against someone is 3 years. This means that if the victim wants protection from the abuser for a long period of time, they will need a restraining order.

CYF investigationsIn order to file a PFA, Protection from Abuse application in the event of being a victim of violent crimes, the victim must go in front of a court and make the case as to why it necessary to have the PFA.  The local police will notify the individual that a PFA has been taken out on them and what it means. So, if a PFA has been filed against you, what does that mean for you? Well it depends on what the individual who filed it against you wants protection from. This can include prohibiting you from calling that individual. You may also be forced to leave your shared resident and temporarily give up custody of your children. In addition, you would lose your right to possess a firearm, you may be ordered to pay temporary child support and may also be required to seek counseling. Filing for a PFA is free for the victim. The abuser is on the hook for paying any court costs associated with the filing of a PFA and in cases where the offender cannot afford the payments, the state will come in and just pay the fees. Violations of the PFA will result in arrest and criminal charges. If this is the case, it is important to have good legal representation. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte are experienced attorneys who will fight for the best resolution of your case.