A defense to violent crimes charges is that force was used in the protection of other people. One of the founding principles that make the United States a unique country is the idea that as citizens, it is a right of ours to protect ourselves and others. assault crimes Most states, including Pennsylvania have some type of statute that lays out the parameters of when force can and cannot be used to protect not only yourself, but use force to protect others. The statute in Pennsylvania that deals with the use of force to protect others is in section 506 of the Pa criminal code. It is very similar to the section pertaining to the use of force in self-protection. There are three provisions about when it is appropriate to use force in the protection of others. The first provision essentially gives the individual the right to use force to protect another if the circumstances meet the standard laid out in the use of force in self-protection section. In simpler terms let’s say a person is being held at gun point. In that scenario, a third person could use force to protect the individual being held at gun point.

Let’s continue our discussion of defenses to violent crimes when people use force in the protection of other people. Under the second provision essentially if that third person were in the circumstances that the person needing protection was, they would be justified in using self-defense. self-defense Simply put if the third person was the one being held at gun point, they would be justified in using for self-protection so they can use force as a third party. Finally, under the third provision all they third party needs to do is prove that his using force was necessary to stop the threat against the victim. Similarly, to the self-protection statute, there is an exception to using force to stop a threat. That exception is if both parties are able to retreat from the threat. Due to the fact that the use of force in certain circumstances is not deemed acceptable, if you find yourself in a situation where you used force in protection of another, seek legal representation. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Kelly and Conte are experienced attorneys who will help you with your legal needs.