DUI charges involving marijuana are very serious. Although marijuana has been legalized both recreationally and medically in a number of different states across the US, it still remains illegal to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of it. As it stands now, in the Commonwealth, driving under the influence of marijuana puts you in the highest tier of penalties. defending DUI This means that because any amount of marijuana was in your system at the time of arrest, even if it was not currently affecting your mental capabilities, you are still subjected to severe penalties if convicted. Once you speak to your attorney who represents you in your case he will lay out your options. The first option typically involves fighting the case and taking it all the way through trial and proving your innocence there. Another way DUI’s marijuana related resolve is through this program ARD. Essentially the ARD program entails similar conditions to probation but at the end of the program, and you have fulfilled all the requirements of it, you can file to have your record expunged. While the expungement will allow you to have a clean record, which will not affect your employment opportunities or interfere with you getting an apartment or something to that effect, if you were to receive another DUI, that DUI will count as a second DUI and you will be subjected to the same penalties as if the first one was never taken off of your record.

Another thing to note with regard to DUI charges and marijuana is that they are serious. Dui’s are put into tiers. when can the police search my car Specifically, with DUIs involving alcohol, depending on what your BAC is, that will put you into certain tiers. The higher the BAC, the higher the tier of penalties you receive. This is not the case with marijuana related DUIs. Medical experts have estimated that marijuana stays in your system for at least 30 days after entering your body. It only has an effect on you for a certain number of hours after it has been ingested. Even if you have ingested marijuana 29 days ago and you drive and they test you for DUI and you still have marijuana in your system, then you can face the DUI charge. This is an interesting case where the law does not reflect the medical evidence. If you have been charged with DUI marijuana related, it is important to seek legal representation. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte are experienced attorneys who will fight to get you the best outcome given the facts of your case.