In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Violent Crimes such as possession of a firearm by a minor can be a very serious offense. Under the law, an individual to lawfully possess a firearm, that individual must be over the age of 18. manslaughter Being under the age of 18 and being found in possession of a firearm is a criminal act which is defined under section 6110.1 of the Pa criminal code. It states that no one under the age of 18 shall possess, sell, or transfer a firearm anywhere in the state. The law does recognize that minors, with their parent or guardian’s permission can operate and handle a firearm for a lawful purpose. A lawful purpose would include various actions such as target practice, safety training or competitions involving the use of firearms. Also included in the lawful purpose category is hunting. Minors can possess a firearm for the purposes of hunting but it must be with the supervision and permission of the minor’s parents or guardians. Due to the fact that individuals under the age of 18 cannot legally buy firearms from licensed dealers, anyone caught giving or selling a firearm to a minor for an unlawful purpose is also punished under this statute.

A conviction for the violent crimes charge of possession of a firearm by a minor can be life altering. The crime is graded as a felony of the third degree if you knowingly and intentionally provide a minor with a firearm. illegal searches by the police Essentially the law puts the responsibility of making sure minors do not possess firearms on the adults and if they are caught in violation that responsibility, they can be prosecuted. If this is the case, the firearm is seized by the police from the individual over 18 as well. The law also recognizes that minors can get their hands on a firearm through other means. Minors can obtain the firearm by stealing it from individuals who can lawfully possess one. If this is the case, then the responsibility falls squarely on the minor and the firearm is returned to the rightful owner. Given the severity of the crime for anyone involved, if you have been charged in violation of this statute it is important to seek legal representation. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte are experienced attorneys who will fight for the best possible resolution given the facts of your particular case.