Problems in forensic science

Anyone who's been charged with a crime in Pennsylvania should know that there are increasing questions about the evidence prosecutors use to convict people. Forensic science as a discipline has come under question, and there are many reasons for this. The biggest is...

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What is entrapment?

People often get a bit confused about entrapment. They may interpret it to mean that the police officers cannot lie to you. Some have made the erroneous claim that an undercover officer has to tell you that he or she is an officer or otherwise an arrest counts as...

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Chester County Prison

County prisons are mostly known as “jails” that are under the jurisdiction of local government, while prisons are those places of confinement under the control of the State or Federal government. These county jails are prisons that hold inmates that are waiting for...

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There are a number of different property crimes outlined in the Pennsylvania criminal code. Trespassing can be one of the more serious of these offenses. This statue is defined under 3503 of the Pa criminal code and it outlines a number of different actions that can...

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Criminal defense Inchoate crimes

Inchoate crimes, or incomplete crimes in the realm of criminal defense, are a broad category of various actions that lead to the commission of a crime or amount to an indirect participation in the crime. CYS investigations Pennsylvania law establishes that there are a...

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