Can your roommate show the police your drug stash?

You and your roommate aren’t exactly friends -- but you generally operate on a “live and let live” basis. You were shocked and dismayed, then, when your roommate sold you out to the police over the occasional drug sale you made to your friends. Worse, when the police...

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Drug Crimes on College Campuses

Drug Crimes, or crimes involving the use or sale of drugs do occur on college campuses. In Pennsylvania, some of the most common drugs to be found on college campuses are alcohol, marijuana, and Adderall, and other stimulant medications. heroine Underage drinking...

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Drug Crimes Entrapment

One issue that seems to arise in Drug Crimes cases is the issue of Entrapment. Frequently, criminal defendants facing Drug Crimes charges will feel as though the police officers or state troopers entrapped them into committing the crime. Under Pennsylvania law...

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Bringing drugs into jail Drug Crimes

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has very harsh Drug Crimes penalties for individuals that bring drugs into jail. The statute criminalizing these activities can be found in Title 18 section 5123 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. Specifically, the statute which is...

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Drug Crimes and controlled Buys

One term that comes up frequently in the realm of Drug Crimes and criminal defense is the term Controlled Buys. intent to deliver narcotics Controlled Buys are the process by which law enforcement uses a confidential informant or an undercover officer to purchase...

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Drug Crimes Marijuana Grow House

You don't read much about Marijuana Grow House's as Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania it seems, as a result of the discussions surrounding the impending legalization of marijuana. Marijuana Grow House's generally refer to homes which are in existence for the sole purpose of...

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Drug Crimes and Recovery

One of the biggest issues in Criminal Defense are Drug Crimes and Recovery. Frequently, there are two different types of criminal defendants charged with Drug Crimes: those that are in the business of dealing drugs and do not use them and those that are addicted to...

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Drug Crimes Marijuana

Drug Crimes Marijuana.  Marijuana use and possession are Drug Crimes and illegal in many different states across the United States, including Pennsylvania. It is a crime to possess both large amounts for the purpose of distribution or small amounts for...

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