Watch out for tired drivers

If you got into a car and the driver reeked of alcohol,  you would get straight back out. If you got in and the driver spent the journey checking their phone, you would tell them to stop. Yet, if you got in and that same driver started yawning, you are more likely to...

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Safe biking tips this summer

Cyclists know well that they are in danger when they ride, in large part due to the traffic around them. Because a bike is small and offers no protection of its own, all a motorist has to do is make one minor mistake to cause an accident that leaves the cyclist with...

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How does road rash happen?

Pennsylvanian motorcyclists often face unique dangers on the road. They are less covered than drivers of other vehicles. They have less protection. Because of that, crashes are often deadlier for them. They also face unique injuries that are less common for drivers of...

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Negligence and your health

A visit to the doctor for help with something should not turn into a critical health predicament. Every day, people in Pennsylvania find themselves dealing with medical mistakes that have made them feel worse. When a medical practitioner causes you harm, you may take...

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