Sex Crimes SORNA

Sex Crimes are extremely serious crimes to be charged with. Not only are the majority of sex crimes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania felonies with maximum penalties of up to 20 years in state prison, but Sex Crime convictions also call for the implementation of...

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Sex Crimes: Corruption of Minors

In terms of Sex Crimes, Corruption of Minors is one of the least serious offenses that you can be charged with.  Sex Crimes charges such as Corruption of Minors is a serious charge when compared to non-sexual criminal charges.   The corruption of...

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Sex Crimes: Indecent Exposure

A conviction for Sex Crimes such as Indecent exposure can be life altering. Although Indecent Exposure is not a crime that requires registration under Megan's Law or SORNA which stands for "Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act", a conviction for this...

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Sex Crimes: the Bill Cosby Case

The Bill Cosby case is all over the news right now and it brings up issues regarding Sex Crimes and whether or not it hurts the prosecution to wait so long to bring criminal sex crimes charges against an accused. The main sex crime charge that Bill Cosby has been...

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