Underage Drinking FAQs

Everyone knows that the legal age to drink in Pennsylvania is 21. This means it is illegal for anyone under that age to consume, purchase, transport, or possess liquor, brewed, or malt beverages. Underage drinking laws may seem simple at first glance, but the reality...

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Stalking is a serious crime that you can be charged with in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, any act or repeated acts that give another person distress within reason can be stalking. The charges vary depending on if it is a first offense or if there...

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What are “college crimes?”

A college student convicted of a crime may face more than victim restitution, steep fines, and even incarceration. They may find that their education is at risk as well. These students can lose scholarships, internships, or potential job offers and put them farther...

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Pennsylvania drunk driving laws

Since 2003, the legal blood alcohol limit in the state of Pennsylvania has been .08%. However, the penalties that you could face if charged with drunk driving depend on your level of impairment and other factors in the case. State law recognizes three levels of...

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