Do you need a living will?

As you get older, you may start to look into estate planning and all the documents that you’d like to include in your estate plan. Among those documents will be a will called your living will. A living will is not intended to be used after you pass away, which is...

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When can you contest a will?

When Pennsylvania residents die, very few people can contest their will. You might be able to do so if you meet certain qualifications. However, a will contest is a long and complex process that might not benefit you in the end. Who is allowed to contest a will? After...

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Wills and Estate Administration

Have you been saying to yourself “I need a will”? You are not least once a month someone tells me they have been thinking about making sure their family is secure, and they need a will. Bellwoar Kelly LLP always recommends our clients have three things to...

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