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College crime Archives


College Crimes such as alcohol related crimes has become prevalent on college campuses across the world, as it is known to be a tradition in many social settings. Alcohol consumption can occur at local bars, off campus housing, on campus dormitories, local college parties, and etc. Alcohol has become a choice of drug for students of all ages, races, and genders, causing people of all backgrounds to possibly experience a negative effect of drinking. Students under the influence of alcohol can then create problems for themselves, their families, and their community. Effects of alcohol drinking can be costly, destructive and troublesome to those drinking, as well as non-drinkers, as they can become victims of certain behaviors. Common problems on college campuses preceding alcohol consumption include alcohol related crimes. These crimes can include, property damage, sexual and physical assault accusations, motor vehicle crashes, under-aged drinking, driving under the influence, and public drunkenness. Title 18 states these crimes and offenses in depth, which fall under specific chapters. The following sections provide details on the charges; Section 3304: vandalism, Section 2701 and 2702: assault, Section 3124.1: sexual assault, Section 3732.1: aggravated assault by vehicle, Section 6308 under-aged drinking, Section 3802: driving under the influence, Section 5505: public drunkenness. These charges can affect a student's education, but most importantly their future from legal charges. As a result of criminal charges, students should consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer before making any decisions, including plea deals.

Getting busted with weed: What college students should know

With classes underway, college students across Pennsylvania are gearing up not only for studying hard, but for partying hard, too. And that means more crackdowns on underage drinking and drug crimes. At the end of the night, even the most responsible and well-meaning students can find themselves in trouble with the law.

College Crime Assaults on college campuses

One aspect of College Crime that can ruin a student's career are assaults that occur on college campuses. learn about date rape Different types of assaults that occur on college campuses are sexual assaults, physical assaults, simple assaults, aggravated assaults, and verbal assaults. Many students report experiencing some type of assault or violence on college campuses each year. Some of the most prominent forms on violence that occur at colleges include, but are not limited to; hate crimes, hazing, rape and sexual assaults, stalking, and vandalism. When charged with any form of assault on college campuses there are consequences both through the university and also local law enforcement. A student can be charged with a simple assault or aggravated assault when accused of sexual or physical assaults. Simple Assault is a misdemeanor charge that alleges that a defendant caused injury or attempted to cause injury to another person. Aggravated Assault is a felony crime where a defendant is charged for intentionally causing serious bodily injury to another person.

Alcohol related College Crimes

A criminal conviction for Alcohol related College Crimes can have a horrendous effect on a young student's future. Date rape Not only are there criminal penalties associated with convictions for Alcohol related college crimes, but frequently, the college where the student attends will also penalize the student for the convictions. Accordingly, a student should take care to not accept a plea deal wo any alcohol related college crime before consulting with an experienced Chester County Criminal Lawyer. Individuals have frequently accepted plea deals thinking that they would simply receive a fine and license suspension only to find that the college that they were attending has expelled them from school as a result of entering into a guilty plea. Colleges have their own judicial review board which they use to determine whether a student has violated a given college's code of conduct. If the Board determines that the student has violated their code of conduct, they can then determine an appropriate penalty for the student. These Penalties can range from probation to expulsion.

College Crimes Public Urination

Public Urination is one of the many types of College Crimes that a college student can be charged with. Date Rape Whether it is a homeless person with no availability to a public restroom or a drunk pedestrian making a irresponsible decision, someone commits the offense of public urination. It is more common than you think across the nation, and each city and state has there own law that prohibits the act of public urination. The most important thing to consider when charged with public urination is what type of crime or violation you have been charged with. In Philadelphia, the statute says, "it is unlawful to urinate or defecate on a variety of listed public and private properties". A public urination offense holds a fine of $300, but if the person pays $50 within eight days of the offense the fines and penalties will be dropped. In some situations it is possible to have to register as a sex offender if one is convicted for public urination. This may occur due to indecent exposure or public lewdness as a result of the public urination ticket. This is a serious problem, as registering as a sex offender will be revealed in the event of a background check.

Sex Crimes Child Pornography

A West Chester University student has been charged recently with various Sex Crimes and Child Pornography. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia, on June 1, 2018 Ryan Davis was charged and arrested for transporting, receiving, and possessing child pornography. Child Pornography charges in federal cases is generally much more serious than child pornography charges in state courts. Specifically, the federal guidelines dealing with sex crimes charges such as child pornography can be very harsh. In the case of the West Chester University student, the government maintained that Davis allegedly had images of minors being sexually assaulted on the computer that he possessed on West Chester University campus, as well as at his home in Glen Mills. These images were found by law enforcement on Davis's Apple MacBook Pro and IPhone 7.

College Crimes Drug charges on college campuses

College Crimes include crimes such as Drug charges that occur on college campuses. Most students at a university are educated on drug use and the risk that comes with the use of drugs. Date rape charges Even with this being said, it is the culture on college campuses that create an environment where peers expose students to acceptable drug use, but the student has the potential to receive potential criminal issues. How law enforcement treat drug possession in college dorms is very different than if you're caught in public for the same offense. Colleges and surrounding police departments have both similar and different approaches on how to treat drug crimes. Smaller private universities have shown fewer student arrests for drug related offenses than larger public universities. This is due to larger universities being more involved with the surrounding cities, causing outside law enforcement getting involved in more student crimes, such as drug offenses. A student's future is in jeopardy when they are given a drug conviction and it is highly recommended to get the help of an experienced PA criminal defense attorney.

College Crime Reporting Crime on College Campuses

College Crimes and the issue of Reporting Crime on College Campuses are issues that are frequently in the news. College Crimes are generally Crimes that happen on college campuses. When attending college it is important for the students to feel safe on their campus. Date Rape This unfortunately hasn't always been the case when it comes to the reporting of crimes by University's and Colleges. To help make sure that colleges report crime that happens on campus, the federal government drafted and signed into law the Clery Act in 1990. The Clery Act requires colleges participating in student financial aid programs (and therefore subjectable to Congress) to report all crimes that occur on or near the campus. The law was originally drafted by United States Senator Arlen Specter who named the law after Jeanne Clery, a 19-year-old Lehigh University student, who was raped and murdered by Joseph Henry in 1986. The Lehigh campus had not been actively reporting crimes that had been occurring on campus.

school disciplinary hearings

School disciplinary hearings are very serious matters.  If you are a college student accused or convicted of a college crime while attending a Pennsylvania university such as Villanova University, West Chester University or even Penn State University, you will almost certainly be subject to sanctions in addition to those levied by the government.  date rape Specifically, any college student accused or convicted of a crime is almost certainly subject to a school disciplinary hearing. These school disciplinary hearings occur in order for the university to decide what the appropriate school penalty should be in addition to the penalty enforced by the prosecution ot the court in a criminal case. A student that is subject to a school disciplinary hearing is afforded certain rights, almost all of which are located in a university's student handbook. The decisions that the panel members make at these school disciplinary hearings are subject to judicial review.

college crime furnishing alcohol to another

18 pa.c.s. section 6310.1 discusses the college charge of selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor (which is defined as someone under the age of 18 years of age).  college crime of hazing In order to be found guilty of this crime, the government must prove the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

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