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Violent Crimes Archives

Violent Crimes Simple assault

Violent crimes such as simple assault can have life changing effects on an individual's future. Simple assault is defined as the attempt to cause physical harm to another individual. However, under the statute, the government must prove that this harm was brought about intentionally by the defendant. Simple assault also refers to "causing the individual to be in fear or apprehension of an imminent battery." firearm charges Incases such as that the government again must prove that this was done intentionally by the defendant. In simple assault cases, the prosecution must prove the accused intended to cause bodily injury "beyond a reasonable doubt." Bodily injury is generally defined as the "impairment of physical condition or substantial pain" or the intent to inflict it. In some cases prosecutors try to make simple assault cases into aggravated assault claiming that serious bodily injury could have resulted. Aggravated Assault charges are more serious and are considered felonies in Pennsylvania. Prosecutors can be very aggressive, but it is the criminal defense attorney's job to reduce the seriousness of the charges as mush as possible while also reducing potential consequences.

Violent Crimes aggravated assault

Violent Crimes such as Aggravated assault involve inflicting or attempting serious bodily injury on another person. It also includes assaulting protected public employees or officials and assaulting someone with a deadly weapon. Murder Aggravated assault involves the intentional or reckless behavior that causes a serious bodily injury to another person that reflects the perpetrator's indifference to human life or safety. The prosecution must convince the jury that the defendant acted in either knowingly or recklessly. When you are aware of the potential consequences of your action and go through with the action anyway, you are considered to have acted knowingly. Recklessness simply involves the conscious disregard of the consequences of one's actions; it does not always require intent. The actions of the accused will be compared to those of a "reasonable person" in court. When talking about a deadly weapon in aggravated assaults, it refers to an object that may cause death or serious injury. Assaulting certain public employees or officials carries even greater penalties than other forms of aggravated assault. These employees could include teachers, police officers, law enforcement officers, state government officials, and more.

Violent Crimes Self Defense Kennett Square

One of the few defenses to Violent Crimes brought in Kennett Square is Self Defense. Kennett Square Criminal Defense Attorney Under Pennsylvania law the general principle of self-defense is that the use of force towards another is justifiable if the person being attacked believes that such force is immediately necessary for the purpose of protecting themselves against the use of force being brought by another people. In order to handle situations where self - defense comes about, all states developed rules to determine when an individual can use self - defense and how much force can be used to protect ones self. Self - defense justifies that use of force when it is in response to an immediate threat of physical harm, but once that threat has ended the use of force is no longer justified. It is important to think about self-defense from the standard of a reasonable person. Specifically, asking if a "reasonable person" in the same situation would view what an attacker was doing as an immediate threat of physical harm. This is the legal systems best way to determine if the person's perception of danger justified the use of force.

Violent crime charge defenses have to be planned carefully

Defendants in cases surrounding violent crime have to take the time to carefully plan their defense strategy. It is easy to become focused on showing that you didn't commit the crime at hand in any way possible. It is much more difficult to do this in a way that doesn't make it seem as though you are attacking the alleged victim in the case.

Violent crime charges require immediate attention

Being accused of a violent crime means that you need to make sure that you're taking the time to plan your defense carefully. There are many times when a jury will automatically feel empathy for the alleged victim and just want to be able to help that person find closure. In these cases, your fate might hang in the balance with people who are concerned about the victim more than they are about paying attention to the case.

Face criminal charges head on

Society tends to think that anyone who is facing criminal charges is guilty of that charge. Many people just assume that prosecutors aren't going to file charges against someone if the person didn't do the crime. This is the exact opposite of what should happen.

Violent Crimes what is malice?

One issue that comes up in Violent Crimes cases is what is malice? And when does it apply in criminal charges. The legal definition of malice concerns a state of mind that the government must prove that the defendant possessed when he committed a certain criminal act. third-degree murder If the government can prove that the defendant committed a certain criminal act while he possessed or acted with malice, then the defendant may be found guilty of certain criminal charges. Some of these charges are Third degree Murder and aggravated assault. Both of these crimes are graded as felonies of the first degree and generally punishable by a maximum of 20 years in state prison, and in the case of third degree murder, 40 years. Generally the Pennsylvania courts have defined malice as follows: malice is present under circumstances where a defendant displayed a conscious disregard for 'an unjustified and extremely high risk that his actions might cause death or serious bodily harm. Thus the defendant need not have an intent to kill

Homicide is not always a criminal act

Homicide is a term that many people associate with murder, but this isn't always the case. There are times when a person dies due to another person's actions, but the criteria for murder isn't present. It is important to understand a few points about what is included in the umbrella term "homicide."

Violent crimes Aggravated Assault of a police officer

Violent crimes that individuals may be charged with when interacting with the police is the crime of Aggravated Assault on a police officer. assault crimes In order to be convicted of Aggravated Assault on a police officer, the government must prove the following criminal elements beyond a reasonable doubt: First that the defendant caused or attempted to cause bodily injury to someone. Second, that the defendant intentionally tried to cause this injury and or intentionally attempted to cause this injury and finally that the injury was caused to a police officer performing his duty (meaning working as a police officer), when the alleged assault occurred. There are several issues that are raised when reviewing the elements of the statute. The first of which is the government has to prove that the injury was intentionally inflicted by the defendant. Typically, pushing an officer away from themselves or even flailing about will not necessary satisfy this element.

Violent Crimes Voluntary manslaughter of unborn child

Violent Crimes such as Voluntary Manslaughter of an unborn child are extremely serious crimes. Assault Crimes Voluntary Manslaughter is a charge accusing a criminal defendant of killing another person, in the case of this statute an unborn child. In order to be found guilty of this crime, the government must prove the following criminal elements beyond a reasonable doubt: First that the defendant killed an unborn child without. Second that the killing occurred without lawful justification (such as arguably performing an abortion in the capacity as a doctor). Third, at the time of the killing of an unborn child the defendant was acting under a sudden and intense passion resulting from serious provocation by: either the mother of the unborn child whom the actor endeavors to kill. Meaning the defendant was trying to kill the mother, but he accidentally causes the death of the unborn child; or the defendant was trying to kill another person, but accidently causes the death of the unborn child.

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