Second-Degree Murder

A Crime Without Intent

A prosecutor need not prove that you had prior intent to kill if you are charged with second-degree murder. This lack of intent to kill is what differentiates first-degree murder charges from second-degree murder charges. A second-degree murder charge, however, still comes with significant penalties. If you are convicted, you face the prospect of spending the rest of your life in prison. And you need a committed and experienced second-degree murder defense attorney on your side to counter the prosecution’s case. In the West Chester, Pennsylvania, area, don’t hesitate to call Bellwoar Kelly, LLP at 610-314-7066 or contact us online if you have been charged with second-degree murder or think that you are being investigated.

You Can Be Charged Even If You Didn’t Pull The Trigger

If a person dies while you are engaged in a felony in which that person’s death wasn’t necessarily part of the plan, you can still be charged with second-degree murder. This is true even if you are not directly responsible for the victim’s death. For example, if you commit a robbery with two co-conspirators, and one of your co-conspirators shoots and kills someone, you will be charged with second-degree murder, even though you weren’t the one who pulled the trigger. If a jury convicts you, you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

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