Mark J. Conte

West Chester, Pennsylvania
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Partner Mark Conte comes to the Law Offices of Kelly & Conte with a wealth of experience. He spent over 15 years in the Chester County District Attorney’s Office where he was promoted to Deputy District Attorney, a distinction held by only a select few.  As a Deputy District Attorney, Mark was also selected to lead the training of all of Chester County’s Assistant District Attorneys on trial tactics and techniques.  Specifically, Mark was asked to lead the Trial Advocacy Training Program at the Chester County District Attorney’s Office for more than 3 years. 
Over the past 15 years, Mark developed a reputation among the Judges and the attorneys he went up against as one of the top trial attorneys in the office. His skill as a trial attorney was recognized early in his career and as a result he was assigned to handle the some of the most difficult and high profile cases in the office.
Specifically, Mark tried the following high profile Murder cases:
CW v. Stephen Clark, as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer:
CW v. Prince Isaac as reported in Daily Local and Lancaster Online:
CWv. Shameek Hynson, as reported in the Daily Local News:
CW v. Dominique Lee, as reported in the Daily Local News:
CW v. Marquis Rayner, as reported in the Daily Local News:

Partner Mark Conte argues for the dismissal of all charges including two counts of Attempted Murder as a result of the intentional destruction of evidence by the Police

Well known for his charisma and flair in the courtroom, as well as his ability to influence a jury, Mark was consistently able to win the most challenging cases at trial. This is particularly impressive since he had the burden of proof and many of these cases had very little evidence to go on. This is a testament to his skill as a trial attorney. Mark has tried and handled every kind of case including 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder, 3rd degree murder, homicide by vehicle, robbery, rape, burglary, drugs, and DUIs. As a result of his experience and unique trial skills, Mark was asked to head the trial advocacy training program at the DA’s Office. This program was designed to prepare new trial attorneys for the rigors of trial work.
As a criminal defense attorney, Mark will bring his vast and comprehensive experience to your case. He possesses a unique inside perspective that is simply unmatched in the area. In short, he knows exactly what police and prosecutors do because he has their playbook. That puts him at a distinct advantage over other criminal defense lawyers.
No case is too big or too small. Regardless of what charges you face Mark will bring the same level of passion and dedication to your case no matter what you you’ve been charged with. Whether it’s reviewing your case to see if your constitutional rights have been violated, presenting your defense to a jury, or negotiating a favorable resolution with the government Mark will fight hard to make
Because of his extensive trial experience Mark is a Death Penalty certified lawyer.
Some Notable Cases:
CW v. Jose Turbi-Sandoval, as reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer
CW v. Michael Boyd Trial as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer

Mark Conte Fox News

Mark Conte interviewed outside the courthouse by FOX news 29 where his client was placed on bail for having an alleged illegal relationship with one of her students

Evan Kelly quoted by FOX news 29 concerning his representation of his client over the disappearance of his wife.