This past year, Pennsylvania changed their sex offender registration from the previously titled “Megan’s Law” to Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act or SORNA.  SORNA is a must stricter and more inclusive version of a sex offender registration law than Megan’s Law.  

Like Megan’s Law, SORNA requires those individuals convicted of specific offenses to register as sex offenders.  SORNA, however, includes a longer list of crimes as “registration offenses” than Megan’s Law.  Additionally, SORNA changed the length of reporting.  Now, SORNA requires individuals to report for 15 years (Tier 1 offenses), 25 years (Tier 2 offenses), or for life (Tier 3 offenses).

SORNA also changed the times a person must report.  For example, a person required to report under SORNA must appear in person and provide his name, social security number, address of residence, name and address of employment, name and address of any place where person will attend school, license plate and description of vehicle.

It is important those accused of certain crimes are aware of the consequences of SORNA.