Pennsylvania law provides for a diversionary program known as the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program, also known as A.R.D., and is generally used for D.U.I. cases.  This program lasts a total of six months and is focused on drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment to address any substance abuse problems the candidate may have and also tries to eliminate the punitive nature of the criminal justice system.

One of the benefits under the Chester County A.R.D. Program is the reduction of the license suspension the individual faces if accepted.  The list below details the current suspensions under the Chester County A.R.D. Program:

BAC .08-.099 : no suspension; BAC .10-.159 : 30 day suspension; BAC .16-.299 : 60 day suspension; BAC .30-or greater : 60 day suspension and 1 year guardian interlock; if there is an accident involving damage to property or injury : 60 day suspension; if the defendant is underage during the DUI : 90 day suspension.