As the holiday season approaches, people will be heading out to purchase gifts. Before you venture into a store, make sure that you have what you need to cover the cost of the gifts. Having to answer to a theft charge is something that can be a nightmare, so make sure that everything you leave the store with is paid for in full.

Theft charges are often considered less serious than some other crimes but even a misdemeanor conviction can have serious, negative consequences for your life. Think about the reactions of potential employers who run background checks on new hires after they see your conviction for stealing. You might as well kiss that job goodbye right now.

We understand that things happen sometimes. We are not here to judge your actions but to help you achieve optimum results from the criminal justice system. If you face charges for theft or other property crimes, there may be several avenues that we can explore to resolve your charges.

You are the person who has to deal with the outcome of the theft case, so it is crucial that you take time to think about how each option might impact your life. We can offer guidance, but the final decisions about your case fall on you to make.

As your case moves through the system, you may decide to change your defense strategy. This might come from changes in the case against you or from new circumstances that arise. We strive to present our clients with well-prepared cases based on our years of experience in the Pennsylvania criminal courts.