One topic that arises with great frequency in the realm of Criminal Defense is what should I do if I am a target in a criminal investigation? arrest warrants The first thing to do, which really goes without saying, is to contact an experienced Chester County Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. The Justice system in the United States is not always fair. Innocent get charged with crimes and even convicted of crimes. Make sure to consult with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney. At the Law Offices of Kelly & Conte, both Evan Kelly and Mark Conte are experienced former assistant district attorneys who are very familiar with how the police and the District Attorney’s Office conduct investigations. You want to make sure that you hire an attorney who is not only familiar with the police and the DA’s Office, but also knows how to communicate your side of what happened effectively.

When the police conduct a criminal investigation in a criminal defense case, they do so because they are trying to figure out what occurred and whether any laws were broken and if they were, then by whom. what is a preliminary hearing There are many reasons to hire an attorney to deal with law enforcement if you are a target of a Criminal Investigation.

•1) An attorney can advise you if it is in your interest to meet with the police and to speak with them.

•2) An attorney can advise you of how serious the crime that you are being investigated for is. For example, how much jail time you are looking at etc

•3) Finally, an attorney can advise you what the law is and whether or not you even violated the law.

Dealing with the police can be a very frightening ordeal. Make sure to consult with attorneys who have handled serious cases in the criminal justice system before