Rape Investigations can be not only intrusive and uncomfortable, but they can also be overwhelming. One of the most frightening calls that a person can receive is a call from the police informing them that they or a loved one are being investigated for the crime of rape. Sex Assault What should a person do when he receives such a call? Well there are many common sense steps that a subject of a rape investigation can take. Let’s review them here:

First, hire an experienced Sex Crimes Lawyer. It is rarely a clever idea to deal with the police in an investigation of this type by yourself. Police detectives, like all of us are human. They sometimes jump to conclusions and form biases about cases that they shouldn’t. An experienced Sex Crime Lawyer can help you deal with the police and alert you if he or she has any concerns about how the police are conducting the investigation.

The second step to take if you are the subject of a rape investigation is to recover and save all correspondence that you have between yourself and the alleged victim. Print and safe all emails, text messages, chat transcripts and give them to your lawyer so that he can review them for you. Sex Crimes investigations Make sure that you retain a lawyer who not only has experience in handling rape investigations, but is also proactive and aggressive. At the Law Offices of Kelly & Conte we have a wealth of experience in dealing with these types of cases. Finally, talk to your attorney about whether or not it might be a good idea to contact the assistant district attorney handling the case directly. Typically it is a good idea to reach out to that attorney and let them know the reasons why the government will not be able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.