When people hear the term drug charges, they might not realize that there are various type of drug charges. Each type of charge has specific penalties that come along with them. There are even some points withing a specific drug charge that could impact the penalties a person faces.

Some of the points that impact what penalties a person faces include the type of drug and the quantity or amount of the drug. The location of the incident and others who are involved might also have a part in what type of consequences they are facing.

One of the more common types of drug charges is possession. This means that you have the drugs in your control. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the drugs on your person. For example, the drugs could be in the nightstand near your bed and you could be charged with possession. It is possible for more than one person to be charged with possession for one single stash if more than one person has control over that area.

Another charge that can come is paraphernalia. In this case, you only have to have objects used for drugs. There don’t actually have to be drugs involved. An example of this is if a digital scale, small baggies and a razor are on the living room table. These items together suggest that drugs are being packaged for sale. If the digital scale was in the kitchen with the cooking items, the bags were larger zippered bags and the razor was in the bathroom, there might not be charges.

You can also face charges for selling or distributing drugs, as well as trafficking, manufacturing or cultivating. These are usually more serious than possession or paraphernalia charges.

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