Days of fun with friends can end on a sour note if someone is arrested for driving drunk. Instead of taking that chance, it is best to find alternate ways home so that you don’t risk this. Designated drivers, ride shares and public transportation are three of the options that you might have to handle this situation.

We know that there are sometimes things that happen. We aren’t here to judge you. Instead, we want to help you learn about your options for presenting a defense against drunk driving charges. This doesn’t involve only handling the criminal case, but it also entails addressing the administrative penalties that come with these charges.

You do have options to consider for these cases. You might choose to fight against a driver’s license suspension in the days after the arrest. This part of the case comes with strict time limits that are very short. With this in mind, you need to make sure that you are thoroughly reading any correspondence that comes in connection with the case.

The criminal case will likely take longer to work through. This is the one that can lead to you being incarcerated or having to pay fines. There are also other possibilities that you might face, such as having to install an ignition interlock on your vehicle or having to take alcohol education classes.

It is true that a drunk driving arrest can quickly put an end to summer fun. Make sure that you don’t ignore the situation because this can only make things worse. Instead, we will help you face them head on.