Impaired driving is dangerous for everyone who is on the road, even that driver. Not only is there a risk of an accident occurring, there is also a chance that the person will end up getting arrested. Having to face criminal charges for driving while intoxicated has specific issues that must be addressed. These cases come with administrative penalties that can be difficult to handle.

One of the possible consequences you are facing is losing your driver’s license. This takes away your ability to get to where you need to go on your own terms. You can’t just drive to work and back home or to the store or anywhere else without your license. Instead, you will have to rely on public transportation or friends to get where you need to go unless you decide to walk or bicycle.

We realize that you might have some concerns about this and other penalties associated with your case. We can help you find out what you are facing so that you can decide how to address them. You need to start this process right away because there are some strict time limits for appeals and requesting hearings. Once the time frame has passed, you won’t be able to take those actions.

The criminal case also has some special considerations. The options you have here can have an impact on your future. You must consider each one based on what it can do to help your case, as well as how it might affect you later in life. Remember, a drunk driving conviction will remain on your driving record and your criminal record.