The following criminal defense charges all involve the intent to commit a crime even if a crime has not been completed through attempt, conspiracy and aiding. These actions are still considered criminal, and you should be aware of the penalties each carry if you have been charged with any of the above offenses.  Sex CrimesWhen charged with aiding a crime, you are not required to be present, however your knowledge of a crime can be enough to charge you with this offense. Aiding includes counseling the actor, intending to assist in a crime, and acting prior to the crime was committed. Attempt is defined as having the intent to commit a crime, and actually taking action towards it, however failing to complete the action. Conspiracy involves two or more people who collectively plan to commit a crime and take a certain act towards it. However, the act does not necessarily have to be criminal but the agreement and intent to commit is enough. Other similar conducts can include solicitation which is defined as requesting, encouraging, or demanding others to engage in criminal activity. An example of this is prostitution.

Hiring a Chester County criminal defense attorney for any allegation that an accused committed a crime involving intent to commit a crime through an attempt, conspiracy or aiding and abetting is important as each of these crimes are taken serious and still can result in major penalties. Chester County ARD program It is in your best interest to find out what classification your involvement is considered, and also what may happen following being charged. A lawyer here at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte will be able to assist you in taking the next steps to protect yourself from harsh criminal prosecution and get you the best results possible, as well as explore any and all possible defenses to the crime.