College Crimes that are committed during college homecomings almost always involve alcohol or illegal drugs. carrying a fake ID Colleges are known for their annual homecomings that occur in their fall semesters between October and November of each year. College homecomings are defined as a tradition of welcoming former students and members back to the university to celebrate the organizations existence. Special activities included in homecoming events are football games, parades, reunions, and tail-gaiting. In almost all events, the consumption and possession of alcohol and drugs are at an all time high. As a result many police are active due to an expectancy of criminal complaints being made. Common complaints result in several college students being arrested and/or charged with misdemeanor or summary offenses. In more severe cases, felony charges may be brought against a student by the campus police. Crimes that are common during this period and frequently brought by the West Chester Campus Police are public drunkenness, under-aged drinking, false-identification, driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, and assaults. Police are active on college campuses during this time to prevent crimes, and to enforce the law through the university.

College Crimes Committed during college homecomings are frequently punished by not only the legal justice system but also the school itself. Crimes committed on college campuses are dealt with through the university in the form of probation, suspension or expulsion.  alcohol related crimes If you are charged with one of the following, it is best to be aware of the charges against you and the consequences that can arise. Title 18 lists the crimes and offenses, which gives the description for the above crimes. The following sections will state the crimes committed: Section 5505: public drunkenness, Section 6308: under-aged drinking, Section 6310.3 false identification, Section 3802: driving under the influence, Section 2701: simple assault, Section 2702: aggravated assault, Section 3121: rape, Section 3304: vandalism. To better understand the severity of each charge, and how to proceed forward legally, contact one of the lawyers at the Law Office of Kelly and Conte.