Although it isn’t always the case, CYF investigations typically involve the allegation of sex crimes. There are many organizations and agencies that are designated as a resource to report and investigate any incident or repeated instances of child abuse or neglect. One such organization is the Children, Youth, and Families (CYF).  CYS investigations An investigation into potential child abuse or neglect starts with a written or oral report to the CYF. These reports are typically done by anyone who is what is referred to as a mandated reporter. These mandated reporters can be teachers, day care workers, or anyone that works for an organization that’s works with children such as the YMCA’s summer camp. Once the report is made the agency will respond in 24 hours, typically by sending a social worker to the reported child’s house to investigate. If the abuse rises to the level of a criminal offense, the police will be involved and the CYF and police will work together to investigate. In certain cases, the child may be removed from the home, but it must be court ordered or an officer must have reasonable grounds that the child is in immediate danger.

However, in typical CYF investigations, usually not involving the allegation of sex crimes, after the initial assessment of the situation, there may need to be additional steps in order to confirm that abuse is taking place. date rape This includes interviews with the offender listed in the initial report, the parents (who in some cases are also the offender), others who have taken care of the child, and depending of the age, the child can also be interviewed. In addition, the individual who made the report is interviewed. These interviews can take place at the home, the agencies office, or in some cases the police station. At the conclusion of the investigation the agency will give a decision that the report of abuse was either founded, which means they did find abuse taking place, or unfounded where they did not find evidence abuse took place. If the decision was unfounded the report and the investigation will be expunged from the statewide data base after 1 year. If the decision was founded then additional steps such as removal of the child from home may take place. If you are being investigated by any agency for child abuse it is essential to have legal representation to help you through the process. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte are experienced attorneys who will help you through that process.