A defendant caught in criminal defense cases with illegal items can file a motion to suppress the evidence dur to an illegal stop of his vehicle by the police. Rape When an individual who has been charged with a crime as a result of a police stop comes to a defense attorney seeking advice on how to proceed, one of the first things that a defense attorney will do is look for is any reason that they can to file what is called a motion to suppress. A motion to suppress is essentially is a request to exclude certain evidence from being taking into consideration by the judge and or a jury in a trial. There are many reasons that a defense attorney might file a motion to suppress. One of the biggest reasons to file a motion to suppress is because the police illegally stopped the individual and as a result of that illegal stop, they found evidence that indicated a crime took place. If such evidence is found by the police, then the defendant will be charged with crimes associated with the evidence. And if the defendant admits that he possesses the illegal items, then he would be found guilty of the charge unless he can show that the police seized the evidence by illegally stopping his vehicle.

There are different reasons for a criminal defense lawyer to file a Motion to suppress evidence dur to an illegal stop of a car. evidence in a cell phone For instance, let’s say that during the initial contact with the police, the officer says that the reason he pulled an individual over was because they had something that was hanging from their review mirror. During the time the individual was getting their paperwork together, the officer mentions that there is a strong odor of marijuana that is coming from the car. The presence of the marijuana is enough to get him out of the car and admits that there is marijuana in the car and during the search a significant quantity was uncovered. The reason for the stop, upon further research turns out to be not a legitimate reason for the stop. Once it turns out that the reason for the stop was not legitimate, a good defense attorney will file a motion to suppress the evidence of the marijuana found on the grounds that it was not a legitimate stop.